Fall is here! (but I will just pretend it’s not HOT outside!)

img_20151130_094017347-1I anxiously await the start of Fall every year. I know I’m not alone when I say it is by far the best season of all. I start getting antsy in August. I want to start decorating and burning pumpkin spice but I have to give summer it’s due and control myself. So I take down one of my many July/August tablescapes and put up my pre-fall tablescape with aspirations and anticipation of what is to come.img_20160906_172744  I have never been the biggest fan of summer. I know how crazy that sounds but I grew up in Ohio and I have never taken kindly to heat (so please explain to me how I ended up in Tennessee??). C’mon ladies! It makes your hair frizzy, your make-up runs, makes you sweat, EVERYWHERE and takes away any chance of feeling at all lady-like. BUT…PLEASE…that Heavenly cool fall air…ooooo it smells sooo good. Your hair styles perfectly.. your makeup STAYS on.. you can layer your clothing.. wear boots and scarves…and the fashion possibilities go thru the roof! Are ya with me? The leaves start to turn.. your feet walk thru the crunch of leaves starting to fall..there is ALWAYS a breeze.. and the nights become perfectly cool and crisp for fireside gatherings and clambakes. Where can you go wrong?? And the scents!! Pumpkin spice, cinnamon, pine, burning leaves, apples, and so much more! (Do I have you in Autumn dreamland yet?) I have always said, when we all get to Heaven it will be the most perfect parts of every season EVERYDAY! There will be no pesky bees or cold rainstorms in the Fall.. no ice storms or massive accumulations of snow in the winter.. no snow or frost on our new blooming flowers in the Spring..and NO DAYS OF AWFUL EXTREME HUMID SWEATY TEMPERATURES in the Summer. Yes, that sounds like Heaven to me. img_20160919_150446

So, in-the-meantime.. I will learn to love and appreciate the season changes as they are presented to me here on earth and decorate accordingly!

Happy Fall y’all!!! (And I hope, happy decorating!) Spread the love! (Oooo and eat really good food!!!) img_20151118_145521img_20151128_135252

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