The Challenge of KNOWING You Are Blessed No Matter What Life Brings

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1Thessalonians 5:18

Today I was doing what I normally do on a Monday and as I was coming home from the grocery store, I felt VERY STRONGLY I needed to come home and write this article. As you know if you follow me, you are aware of my feelings on this subject. In my own personal experiences when God wants me to do something I FEEL it with no doubt most of the time. Now there have been times when I would question if I was imagining things, but I will tell you that it eats away at you and is on your mind until you do it…and that’s how you know!!

So, here I am!! Writing this article! Groceries are still on the floor lol! And this comes from my opinion and my experiences and just what I have learned on my road traveled as a Christian. I have way more to learn in my life and as much as I like to think I do; I will never know it ALL! But…I love to let my Husband think I do!! 🙂

I first want to say that I think this subject is my biggest challenge as a Christian…as well as letting it go and leaving it to God. I think the way the world is today we have been almost programmed to talk our problems literally to death and continually focus on the negative. It’s what sells. And I believe some people aren’t happy unless they are complaining about something or someone every minute! And don’t think I haven’t been guilty of it myself! UGH

When you suffer a loss or have unforeseen awful events happen in your life, this is when your faith is the most tested. That is the very human side of us. THAT is why Jesus died for us. So that all our HUMAN sin would BE FORGIVEN, and we would have EVERLASTING life. WOW! Think about THAT! Forgiven of ALL sin. If I give Jesus my heart and believe He died FOR ME… I AM FORGIVEN. I live my life for Him… I am FORGIVEN. EVERLASTING LIFE….now tell me…how could we EVER NOT feel blessed? That in ITSELF is enough to feel blessed every minute of every day!! But it doesn’t stop there!!! We are blessed with SO much more! The sun, the moon, the stars! The sweet smelling air! The flowers! Our children, grandchildren! Our jobs! Our working limbs! The food in our pantry! Our sight! Our spouse! What can you name? Sit down one day and make a list. One side is a list of blessings, and the other is a list of the challenges in your life. Which will be the longer list????? Try it!

I will admit that recently we personally have had some pretty big challenges come our way. A big test of OUR faith. When things happen, we want to INSTANTLY worry. I am a worrywart for sure! I have worked hard through all of the stressful events in our lives to get better at letting it go and not worrying. We need to realize, myself included, that where God puts you is on the way to where he wants you to be. He has a plan for us. It’s not OUR plan…it’s His. Sometimes we will hurt, suffer loss, heartache, and things we don’t understand. Most especially in today’s world, but as Christians we HAVE to be strong and hold on to the FAITH that GOD HAS IT! He’s got the whole world in his hands, and we aren’t to question, just to have faith and LET IT GO.

As I see these brave people fighting against Russia in this horrible turmoil, I wonder…did they LET IT GO? Did they have that wonderful BLIND faith? Did they KNOW they didn’t need to WORRY? Did they fight WITH FAITH?

I really believe that in order to have faith you cannot truly see it or totally understand it…you have to just HAVE FAITH with blind eyes. No “guarantee” or big concrete explanation will come along. Nothing will ever be black and white. It is something you just have to tell yourself “IS”. No matter what. And we all know that isn’t easy. It’s definitely a journey of acceptance. Accepting WHAT YOU CANNOT SEE but believe in your heart… IS.

And, when you get to that place as a Christian…as you grow…it is AMAZING!!! The burdens you let go of…the feeling of peace…the different way you tackle life’s never-ending challenges is actually extraordinary! You will never be perfect…. that’s not our job lol but the art of feeling joy and feeling blessed even through the bad times is life changing! And you can get there too. I still fail. Everyday. I am a sinner. But because I am saved, I know I will do better. I know I have the biggest and best support group there is! A group of 1! Who has my back and has saved my soul! The days I fall, He will pick me back up. When I am weak, He will make me strong. When I am in need, He will provide. It might not be riches, but it will be just what I need…and it will be perfect!

What you will realize when you get to those glorious, good times in life where the blessings are OBVIOUS, is that these times WAY outweigh the bad. If you focus on the blessings in every situation, you will see that clearly. What we think about, we bring about. If we focus only on the bad that is what we will see, it is what we will feel. And that negativity will take over. You will not realize the blessings bestowed on you that truly outweigh it all. In tragic times, that is hard to do, even by the best of Christians, but it truly can bring you peace to feel His love and know he’s got you!

If you take anything away from this, I hope it is to realize you are NEVER alone and you are not in CHARGE. When you are like me that is definitely a challenge! I want to do everything myself! But at times I have to step back, take a seat and be quiet! I need to let God do His thing and work in my life! Good or bad! And to mostly HAVE PATIENCE!!! With Him, myself and the people in my life. Things and events aren’t up to ME! I can’t control you, me, or anyone else. We need to be the best example we can be. Be a light to those around us so THEY can SEE too!!! So, THEY can see what FAITH looks like. That is how it is defined. THAT is how they will say…. “I want what she’s having.” 🙂 It’s that simple.

Written with love by:

Char Head 🙂


Enjoy 🙂

He’s got this! No worries necessary!!

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