Pre-Fall Tablescape’s Last Hurrah (and the love behind it)

img_20160922_154104Here’s the full shot of this warm and vibrant tablescape. I may keep it up a little bit longer. It’s not like I don’t have plenty of other Fall decorating to do in-the-meantime!  If you could see how many crates and boxes of Fall décor I have you would accuse me of being a holiday hoarder!  Is there such a thing? Well, anyway if there is… I am the Queen! And I am just NOT embarrassed of it! A festive heart and spirit leads to a loving and charitable soul…I always say. It just makes the world a happier place.cropped-img_20160922_081547.jpg And, I know in today’s day and age we are just so busy and tired and most don’t feel like being festive and decorating. But, I promise you it doesn’t take much. Try just a wreath on the door or burning a candle that’s scent matches the season. It makes the crazy world not so crazy for small moments at a time. And when you make SOMEONE ELSE happy with your festive spirit.. it brings you some joy too. I promise. Try it sometime. That’s WHY I have always been this crazy festive person. It brings happiness and therefore fills me with satisfaction and happiness as well.img_20160919_150446 All the neighborhood kids always said, ” We always know what time of year it is when we come to Mrs. Head’s house. We know by the candy bowl and how everything always smells sooo good!”  I took so much pride in that! My famous candy bowl always had treats coinciding with the time of year..and they always made a b-line right to it! The funny thing is that no matter how old my neighborhood “orphans” (inside story) get… they ALWAYS continue to go to that candy bowl and ALWAYS continue to enjoy my festive spirit. And, I am FOREVER grateful and blessed for that. Happy Fall everyone….. 🙂img_20160726_155142

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