17 Days.. Chapter 2

“Mom.. why is Dad taking so long?” I was wondering the same thing. He has been in that bathroom a long time. Finally. Wow, he just looks terrible. “I threw up again.”… ” Are you serious? That is it. You are going to the doctor tomorrow. I will leave you everything you will need and I want you in there first thing tomorrow.” He barely made it to the car and most certainly couldn’t pull a wagon and slept all the way home. Something in my gut was telling me something wasn’t right but ya know how it is when you are so busy you just kinda blow it off? Well, I was that busy and I now feel bad that I was.

That night was the usual. Came home, unloaded and started to get ready for the next day of softball. Those of you who have kids that play know exactly what I’m talking about. Hubby went straight to bed and I continued to tell him he was seeing the doctor the next day. And the more the evening passed by the more I was convinced it was a must.

1 day before 17 days…

Up bright and early! Can’t be late for warm ups. We decided to let Dad sleep as we snuck out the door. I left him a note with strict orders to go to the doctor and everything he needed to go. Surely after last night he will see the need and force himself.

Game one down.. I believe we won. I better call him. He isn’t answering any of my texts. After 5 times of calling both phones I am now going into my typical Polish woman worry mode… which very quickly can turn to sheer Polish panic!img95201502149514505538395hdr

“Finally!!! Why haven’t you answered!? I have been so worried!”….” I was getting gas and I went to Subway. I actually feel a little better so I’m going to try and eat.”

Okay.. I see where this is going. He won’t go to the doctor now because he FEELS better. Ugh. I still don’t feel right about this whole thing. But, again…no time to deal with it. He’s a grown man. He will have to make this decision himself. I gotta get to game 2. But, first.. I NEED COFFEE!!! Yes, its hot out…so what! REAL coffee drinkers drink coffee ANYTIME. Climate control is not necessary. OMG.. I really need to change purses. WHERE is my money (digging.. digging) WHAT!!!!!! You have GOT to be kidding me! What do ya know? Here is the Hubby’s phone. At the bottom of my purse! Funny, he neglected to mention that he DIDN’T HAVE his phone in his possession. This whole time that I worried because he wasn’t answering was because HIS phone was in MY purse. Anyone see a slight problem with this? Any other wives out there besides me working on the side as “husband stuff”carrying caddies??? The wallet.. the phone.. the gum.. the chapstick.. and whatever other little trinkets he decides to bring along. Love and marriage.. Love and marriage.. C’mon sing it with me..

I will worry about this later. I really believe Scarlett O’Hara is my hero. That woman was WISE…. O-kay, Game 2.. let’s go Raiders!!!

Game 2 complete.. I believe we won. I really do pay attention but this was a lot of games ago and the details of wins, losses, and scores left my little brain. As the day went on I just didn’t feel like I was hearing from Hubby enough..yes, he didn’t have his phone but he does have the home phone. I better call him. No answer again, and again, and again. Wow.. this is just going to drive me crazy. Should I have someone check on him?

I finally hear from him and apparently he was sleeping all day.  Our play day is over and we took 2nd. Not too shabby.. but I will be glad to get home and handle this situation… the wife way.

We walk in the door and no sign of him. Didn’t take long to find him. He was still in bed. Our only option at this hour is the emergency room so as long as he doesn’t graduate to emergency status we will take him to the clinic when they open tomorrow. I just wish he would have went today. And then.. here came the Subway. This is just UNBELIEVABLE. How many days now???? TOO many. None of us have gotten this supposed bug and he is STILL sick. I am no medical professional but something is telling me this is more than any flu I have ever seen.

Getting him out of bed and to the clinic was not easy. By this time he was so tired he didn’t want to go..too bad. “This is just not right and you ARE going.” He wanted me to go with him and as much as I wanted to stay home and get things done I thought I better because at this point he was pretty sick and I didn’t want him to drive.

We pull in and he continues to feel nauseous so I left him in the van and went in and explained his situation and got him a mask to wear. He stayed in the van until they were ready for him. My daughter and I elected to stay in the van until he was done. We just didn’t want to sit in there with all those sick people. Last thing we need is to pick up some other bug floating around.

Wow.. that was fast. Here he comes…..

Until next time.. be a blessing… share a blessing… be blessed  xoxo




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