Let the Fall Explosion Begin! :)

img_20161017_195614If you read my blog you know what a fan I am of the Fall season. I tend to be a little on the obsessed side of it all, but I am not embarrassed…not a bit. If you are going to be addicted to something, let it be pumpkins and spice I say!! You will now be, and in many future posts, inundated with examples of my obsession…pictures of my madness… an orange and autumn explosion of décor, festive corniness and just an all out drowning of leaves, pumpkins, apples and spice and everything nice!! Get ready to feel my love! I hope I can bring you over the dark “amber” side and get you to become as big a fan of Fall as I am!!! Enjoy!! 🙂 img_20161018_101209img_20160926_103940My Roasted Ginger Curry Autumn Medley.. super easy recipe and delicious!! Look for it in my Healthy Selections or Recipes section…

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