Recommended Product of the Day

As you all know my family’s lifestyle has recently changed drastically and not by choice. I always strived to be as healthy as our crazy life would allow but now it is a necessity. My husband, who now has to follow a cardiac AND diabetic diet.. and also has to limit his intake of vitamin K due to blood thinners (that means no greens among other things 😦 ), is the reason. I am very thankful for my knowledge of food and food preparation because even for me this has been my biggest challenge.. ever. I will be highlighting certain products I believe are a must for those who live a diet restricted life and will hopefully save you lots of time of experimentation in the process.

Of course I can no longer use salt for cooking or seasoning. I have really been on a mission to create delicious food without it. I have succeeded with many of my old recipes and some newly created ones. All who have tasted my new creations are shocked by the flavor.. yes exists without salt!!! This line of organic herbs and spices are AMAZING and my kitchen will never be without them. They are sodium free ( except for the garlic salt)  and pack a punch of flavor and just plain goodness!! I recommend keeping the entire line in your pantry! #simplyorganic

I am also working on all my new recipes to post for y’all to try. I think you will be pleasantly surprised 🙂 LOL ignore the salt shaker in the background… its just for decoration and guests!! 🙂IMG_20160711_155131484_HDR

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