Tuscan Night Tablescape

IMG_20160816_155407Sneak peek of my Tuscan Night tablescape. This tablescape just makes me WANT to entertain. Puts me in the mood for a night of wine, conversation and of course pasta!!! And if you haven’t noticed, one of my signatures is decorating my wine glasses/glasses. Just LOVE the look of it and it makes things even more festive. I also love to drape fabric anywhere and everywhere! I have the best time searching those Goodwill’s and garage sales for scrap fabric, curtains, or tablecloths. All it has to be is the right color, texture, or design for whatever theme I am doing. I think it creates a softness and warmth. Makes the table just that much more inviting!

I am now itching to do my “pre-Fall” table. Fall is my FAVORITE!!! I have to admit…even over Christmas. Crazy right? But, Fall just does something to me. The scents, the cooler weather, the colors..its all just soooo amazing! I caved in early this year and August 1st I had all my Autumn and pumpkin scents permeating my home in full force!!  And I never tire of them. I think it’s intoxicating!

My favorite Fall scents are: Yankee Candle Autumn Leaves, Spiced Pumpkin, Autumn Wreath and Apple Spice… mmmmmm so good 🙂 Run and get some.. you won’t regret it!

I will get to working on all the Fall decor ( ooooooo poor me) and get those sneak peeks posted for your Autumn pleasure 🙂 IMG_20160802_091655551_HDRcropped-img_20160806_161615-1.jpg


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