July Tablescape… America the Beautiful!!


Here’s the full July tablescape… America the Beautiful!! Please take a look at my new find.. my adorable handmade denim place mats. Everyone always asks me.. Where do you find all your neat decor? And I tell them EVERYWHERE! These I happened to find at a local garage sale and right away I thought of many uses for them. When you purchase any type of decor think of how many uses it will have. Buy things in solid or neutral colors. Probably most of what you see on this table I repurpose throughout the year within many other themes. For example.. all the solid reds, I reuse for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, fourth of July, Coca-Cola and many others. Charger plates, dishes, glassware, linens, stoneware should all be in solid colors. Then you add all the embellishments along the way. It’s really how I do any of my decorating. All my big pieces, furniture etc are solid colors..then I am able to change the look of my rooms anytime I feel like it for very little cost. I just change all the accessories, which can be prints or anything a little crazy or fun, and I have a brand new room and didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to do it. So it’s not WHAT you spend it’s HOW you spend. Buy classic, never go out of style pieces, and decorate around it for years to come! I will have many more thrifty decorating tips to share with you. 🙂 Hope to have the latest tablescape done soon. Sorry I missed the last few months. Check out my Instagram page to see many of my past creations 🙂

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!


I can’t believe its that time already! Time to take down the winter tree. St. Patty’s Day is the last holiday to adorn its branches. Time to put it away and think Spring! Oooo the many boxes of Spring and Easter décor I must haul down from the attic. Taking it from its long year of rest. Setting it free to make us happy with pastels and flowers… bunnies and chicks… colored eggs and baskets. And the scents will change..no more pine..no more clover and shamrocks.. just peonies, tulips, meadows and lilacs. I cant wait to adorn the mantle and tablescapes with pinks and greens..yellows and purples. What would we do in this life without season changes and holidays???? It would surely be a boring one 🙂 Stay tuned for all the Spring and Easter posts very soon….