17 Days… Chapter 3


Wow that was fast.. I am actually scared of what they told him. I just FEEL something is wrong. Okay.. deep breath…

“Well???” ( I was afraid to hear the answer)…. “I have to go to the emergency room. My blood sugar is almost 500 and I tested negative for the flu.”

Well, here I go.. the usual. I am jumping into superwoman mode. No feelings, no emotions, just pure effectiveness and a take charge focus I always move into during these types of situations. This is also when I start to talk to myself.. usually out loud.. reciting check lists and to do’s making mental notes and giving orders. There always has to be someone like me around in a crisis or everything turns to chaos.

I decided we needed to run home first. We were close and it made sense to go grab some essentials just in case he has to be admitted for a couple days. That’s where my mind was.. I was figuring they would need to keep him for a bit to get his blood sugar under control. So, I very quickly grabbed him enough personal items for a couple days, let the dog in and off we went. The best ER was about 35 min away. It was a Sunday so I already figured school and work on Monday would be an issue, but that was the least of my worries. Our youngest daughter went with us.. there was really no choice.

As we were loading up to leave Hubby says.. “You better bring something, I’m not feeling so good again.” With no time to doddle I grabbed the nearest thing which was my cleaning bucket and gave it to him to hold for the ride… glad I did.

On the ride there which felt way longer than 35 minutes Hubby seemed to be getting rapidly worse. We finally pulled into the parking lot and we had to wait to go in because that bucket now was in full use and I was so thankful we brought it. As we sat in the parking lot experiencing way too up close Hubby’s bucket episode, I had an eerie feeling loom over me. The whole time trying to keep my cool for our 12 yr. old who looks like she would rather be anywhere else… understandably. His throwing up had changed. It sounded like something I had never heard before. And I really can’t describe it in words. It just didn’t sound “normal” and he didn’t look normal. The sound he made when he was vomiting made you cringe and you just knew something was way wrong.

I finally had to put my foot down and force him to go in. He seemed to be able to stop at this point probably because there couldn’t have been another thing left in him to throw up. I cleaned the bucket.. thank goodness for the array of half full water bottles always left in the van from my lovely, organized, and neat children… and we made our slow, hope he doesn’t puke again, walk to the ER door.

Of course, it was your typical ER.. crowded and full of sick people and crying babies. The minute you walk thru the door you smell the strong odor of every kind of illness known to man. I give medical professionals so much credit. What would we do without them? Hubby was asking for some cold water.. he always HAS to have cold water… such a picky Mickey.. I searched around and found a vending machine and solved that. We signed in and told them our story, and wouldn’t you know it.. they took Hubby back REAL quick. That was my first sign…

We sat in the waiting room which isn’t fun. Like I said, I don’t know which is worse, wondering what you will catch or who to feel sorry for first as you look around the room. I always fall for the kids and the babies. As we waited I listened to a poor baby about 3 months old coughing like a forty year smoker. It was torture. I just wanted to go pick up that baby and make it all better. The parents sat there like it was nothing…with no reaction…baby still in the carrier…. on their cell phones acting like Snapchat had something more interesting going on. DON’T get me started.

Then I hear.. “Mrs. Head??” from the nurse who poked her head out of the ER door. I told my daughter to stay put while I go talk to them. I was afraid of what they might say and I would rather be the one to explain it to her.

“Hi, Mrs. Head, would you come with me please?”… “Well, my daughter is here and I don’t want to leave her out here alone.” …. “How old is she?”… “She’s 12.”… “Is she a mature 12?”…. (stomach cringes because I knew something big was coming)…. “I would say so…”…. “Well, then both of you come with me.”

With the nurses loving arm around me and a soft consoling voice I hear the words…

“Your husband has had a heart attack…….. ”

And we begin…DAY 1 OF 17 DAYS…..fb_img_1459092382034

Until next time.. be a blessing.. share a blessing.. be blessed xoxo






17 Days.. Chapter 2

“Mom.. why is Dad taking so long?” I was wondering the same thing. He has been in that bathroom a long time. Finally. Wow, he just looks terrible. “I threw up again.”… ” Are you serious? That is it. You are going to the doctor tomorrow. I will leave you everything you will need and I want you in there first thing tomorrow.” He barely made it to the car and most certainly couldn’t pull a wagon and slept all the way home. Something in my gut was telling me something wasn’t right but ya know how it is when you are so busy you just kinda blow it off? Well, I was that busy and I now feel bad that I was.

That night was the usual. Came home, unloaded and started to get ready for the next day of softball. Those of you who have kids that play know exactly what I’m talking about. Hubby went straight to bed and I continued to tell him he was seeing the doctor the next day. And the more the evening passed by the more I was convinced it was a must.

1 day before 17 days…

Up bright and early! Can’t be late for warm ups. We decided to let Dad sleep as we snuck out the door. I left him a note with strict orders to go to the doctor and everything he needed to go. Surely after last night he will see the need and force himself.

Game one down.. I believe we won. I better call him. He isn’t answering any of my texts. After 5 times of calling both phones I am now going into my typical Polish woman worry mode… which very quickly can turn to sheer Polish panic!img95201502149514505538395hdr

“Finally!!! Why haven’t you answered!? I have been so worried!”….” I was getting gas and I went to Subway. I actually feel a little better so I’m going to try and eat.”

Okay.. I see where this is going. He won’t go to the doctor now because he FEELS better. Ugh. I still don’t feel right about this whole thing. But, again…no time to deal with it. He’s a grown man. He will have to make this decision himself. I gotta get to game 2. But, first.. I NEED COFFEE!!! Yes, its hot out…so what! REAL coffee drinkers drink coffee ANYTIME. Climate control is not necessary. OMG.. I really need to change purses. WHERE is my money (digging.. digging) WHAT!!!!!! You have GOT to be kidding me! What do ya know? Here is the Hubby’s phone. At the bottom of my purse! Funny, he neglected to mention that he DIDN’T HAVE his phone in his possession. This whole time that I worried because he wasn’t answering was because HIS phone was in MY purse. Anyone see a slight problem with this? Any other wives out there besides me working on the side as “husband stuff”carrying caddies??? The wallet.. the phone.. the gum.. the chapstick.. and whatever other little trinkets he decides to bring along. Love and marriage.. Love and marriage.. C’mon sing it with me..

I will worry about this later. I really believe Scarlett O’Hara is my hero. That woman was WISE…. O-kay, Game 2.. let’s go Raiders!!!

Game 2 complete.. I believe we won. I really do pay attention but this was a lot of games ago and the details of wins, losses, and scores left my little brain. As the day went on I just didn’t feel like I was hearing from Hubby enough..yes, he didn’t have his phone but he does have the home phone. I better call him. No answer again, and again, and again. Wow.. this is just going to drive me crazy. Should I have someone check on him?

I finally hear from him and apparently he was sleeping all day.  Our play day is over and we took 2nd. Not too shabby.. but I will be glad to get home and handle this situation… the wife way.

We walk in the door and no sign of him. Didn’t take long to find him. He was still in bed. Our only option at this hour is the emergency room so as long as he doesn’t graduate to emergency status we will take him to the clinic when they open tomorrow. I just wish he would have went today. And then.. here came the Subway. This is just UNBELIEVABLE. How many days now???? TOO many. None of us have gotten this supposed bug and he is STILL sick. I am no medical professional but something is telling me this is more than any flu I have ever seen.

Getting him out of bed and to the clinic was not easy. By this time he was so tired he didn’t want to go..too bad. “This is just not right and you ARE going.” He wanted me to go with him and as much as I wanted to stay home and get things done I thought I better because at this point he was pretty sick and I didn’t want him to drive.

We pull in and he continues to feel nauseous so I left him in the van and went in and explained his situation and got him a mask to wear. He stayed in the van until they were ready for him. My daughter and I elected to stay in the van until he was done. We just didn’t want to sit in there with all those sick people. Last thing we need is to pick up some other bug floating around.

Wow.. that was fast. Here he comes…..

Until next time.. be a blessing… share a blessing… be blessed  xoxo




17 Days…

tempThe number 17.. doesn’t seem significant. In fact, it’s really a pretty unpopular number. When you are 17 you can’t wait to be 18.. it’s an odd number.. and one I don’t think most people think much about. I mean it’s not like 20.. or 21..or 50.. or even 10… just a number. Comes after 16, comes before 18…blah blah blah.. a boring number. Little did I know it would become a very important number in my life. One I will never forget….

As I promised, I am going to tell my story. And I am going to tell it from MY perspective. A perspective I feel not only doesn’t get told but needs to be. I would have never, of course, dreamed I would be where I am right now and most days I STILL can’t believe it. And as I continue to experience this new way of life I struggle to understand where I belong, how I got here, and what the future holds. I know God is by my side and trust me, He and I have a whole new relationship! 🙂  He is the reason I make it through each day and I will be talking much about Him in this story. He has been leading me, I believe, to do this…and when He talks I listen!

And please believe me, I realize there are MANY people out there with bigger problems than I. I also realize my life could be worse and I am still a VERY blessed person. But, there are also many out there who have, and are, and will, experience what we are going thru. And as I have traveled down this road I have met many like me who had a story to tell, and I listened. Not only are there not many of us who listen but there aren’t many who even KNOW to listen, or even realize there is a need to notice. Those of us who find ourselves in this position are silent bystanders who just want to be acknowledged…not interested in rewards, sympathy, or even notoriety.. just LISTENED to and UNDERSTOOD.

I hope as I write this story it not only brings an understanding but helps anyone out there who needed to hear it. I feel there is at least someone out there needing to read this or I wouldn’t have been so strongly lead to write it.

Thank you ahead of time for reading and I hope it brings something to your life. Please feel free to join in the conversation and leave comments or questions.

I will start from the beginning…

5 days before 17 days….

O my gosh, I am so exhausted. It’s only 6:30 Tuesday morning.. why am I so tired? Ugh.. maybe because dear husband has been gone for over a week and I have had no help. Must be nice trotting to Florida and hanging out on the beach while SOMEONE ELSE stays behind and handles everything. MEN… I don’t even have time to debate it or complain about them. I have too much to think about and too much to accomplish. Maybe we can argue about it later..but I doubt either of us will have time.. I am sure he will have big important things to do when he gets home.. like watch the Cavs game! GRRRRRR

I’m glad I got a workout in because OF COURSE the old period is due tomorrow and once that ocean flows there ain’t no jumpin or runnin gonna be going on!.. “C’mon Mom!!!” Good grief this child! How can you be 12 and be “A” personality already? If I am not pulling out of the driveway at EXACTLY 7:35 she is going into full panic attack mode! “I am going to be late Mom!”..  “I’m coming…. relax.. just let me grab my keys.”img_20150530_160245636_hdr

Well, doesn’t that figure.. I forgot my phone. Back home I go. Luckily we live 2 minutes from the school. As I am looking for my phone I hear someone walk in the door which startled me. Who is that?  “What are YOU doing home?” (It’s the husband) “I got to work and didn’t even make it in the door. I got REALLY nauseous as I was walking thru the parking lot and felt dizzy and was pretty sure I was going to throw up..so I let work know and I came back home.”… Well, that’s just great. Now on top of everything else I have a sick husband. Of course the world will stop now and I will have to take care of him..again the MAN thing..still no time to complain. And I may as well forget the list I wanted to accomplish today.  I bet he got that stomach flu our oldest daughter’s whole softball team had in Florida. GREAT… and there he goes.. I am quite sure he will be living in that bathroom..please don’t have it coming out both ends.. please don’t let us get it, the child has 3 games this week and I just DON’T have time. Mom’s never have time to be sick. OMG I am already so behind.. JUST FIGURES!!!

Okay.. gotta regroup.. just gonna get done what I can get done. I hope this is a 24 hr. deal and gets over with quick! Man.. there he goes again. And he looks terrible. My oldest daughter said it was a really bad bug… I better call Big B and warn him. He may end up with it since he was there too. I am gonna tell Hubby to just stay in bed. And I better quarantine him into the spare room because I don’t want the baby to get it. (I was keeping my neighbors sweet baby girl at the time and she slept in our room)

3 days before 17 days…

6:00 a.m…. I better get Hubby up.. ooo wait I better go to the bathroom first.. here comes the ocean.. gotta love being a woman..  “Hubbyyyy… wakey-upey.. (that’s how I wake him up..lucky guy isn’t he???)”.. “I am not going in.” Ok.. he has now missed 3 days of work and can’t even get out of bed..what kind of bug is this? And why aren’t any of us getting it? I am giving him one more day and he’s going to the doctor… but knowing him he will refuse so I see a battle coming. But.. as I always say.. I am bigger-I WIN.

2 days before 17 days…

” I think I feel a little better, not enough to go to work but I feel better.” Well, I’m not even going to force the doctor issue because I know he won’t go.. he’s feeling better. It is early though we will see how the day goes.

10:00 a.m. Good grief.. he’s cutting the grass??? Wow..he MUST be getting better. Gosh I love to watch a man do chores… seriously so attractive. Maybe he can clean the garage next.. ooooo baby :). Better yet I may send him to the dollar store.

4:00 p.m. I am going to scream if these people don’t get movin! We are going to be late. He could at least load the GPS or load the car.. what is he doing???? Do I have to do EVERYTHING myself! I was ready to give him a piece of my mind and I look at him and he looks awful AGAIN. “You don’t look so good… maybe you should stay home.”… ” Nooooo I don’t want to miss her game I will be fine.”

I really don’t like this. He is STILL sick. That’s it. He’s going in tomorrow. I have never seen a bug last this long.. I wonder if it’s some weird one like from another country. Who knows??? He wants to drive to the tourney? Why? Well, ok…but I better drive home. I am just not feelin good about this whole thing. He looks like a really sick person..like someone just released from the hospital. I will trust his judgement for now but tomorrow I take the reigns and he goes.

O the softball world. I so much love the parade of red wagons that travel from parking lot to field and field to field and field back to parking lot. A staple. They will I am sure one day name an arm ailment or some neck or back problem after the softball wagon.. like ” Little red wagon disease” Anyway.. Hubby weirdly was avoiding pulling that lovely wagon and I was wondering why. Next thing I know we were leaving to go home and he made another bathroom trip.. and it wasn’t a good one….

Until next time.. be a blessing..share a blessing.. be blessed  xoxo